Nzo is Glen Anderson and Gaz Sullivan, and we design and market original gear for mountain bikers. We are in New Zealand, where doing stuff outdoors is a way of life, and having good, simple, durable gear that works is an important part of living well. Nzo is a small company, committed to selling our designs direct to our customers.

Nzo began with ideas based on our experiences travelling, riding bikes, and living simply. We moved from Auckland to Rotorua, to be near the best trails we know about, and opened a shop full of mountain bike shorts and T shirts, where people like us could get stuff that suits the way they live. 

We have a store in Rotorua where you can get everything you need to make the most of your visit - original Nzo apparel, and a full service bike shop with mountainbike brands from Trek, Niner and Norco, mechanical service, parts and accessories, and information.

We are so excited to have partnered with CLICK-KIT to bring you the gear that we love, but now on a platform that you can customise to your personal style. 

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