CLICK-KIT gives you an option to keep your designs in your private account (MY DESIGN folder) or to store them in your Team Shop (MY TEAM SHOP folder)- an easy way to share your designs with your team and have them individually size and pay for their order. 

Need to reorder more kit, or just simply update the logo for next year's designs? All your designs will be stored in YOUR TEAM SHOP, so all you need to do is click 'reactivate' and you can reorder easily. 


How do I use the Team Shop? 

1. Finish your design, and hit save. You will then be given an option to add the design to YOUR TEAM SHOP

 2. Once your kit is saved to YOUR TEAM SHOP, click SHARE to generate a link to share with your mates, members of your team. You will be given the option to create a password in the Team Shop Setting, so if you have done this- remember to share it with your friends! 

3. By clicking on the link, your team mates will be taken directly to the design, where they can select their quantity, size, and input their payment details. Super easy! 

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